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Money Jar and Energy Work

Money Jar and Energy Work

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You have the option to add my Money Magic Energy Work to the creation of your jar or just the desired sized jar personalized to you. You will have to add one of the Jars AND add the Energy work to your cart if you're wanting both. 

Embrace the transformative power of a money jar as more than just a vessel for coins; it's a sacred space where your intentions weave into the fabric of the universe. Each coin, herb, or symbol within resonates with your desires for prosperity. Like a magnet, your positive energy attracts financial abundance, and as you gaze upon your money jar, envision the life of abundance and fulfillment that awaits you. It's a tangible reminder that your thoughts shape your reality, and with every contribution, you're actively manifesting a future of financial well-being. The money jar is not just a container; it's a spiritual conduit aligning your intentions with the infinite possibilities of abundance.

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